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we have been split for six months He says he loves me but only

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we have been split for six months He says he loves me but only like a best friend
He still keeps coming around Why is he doing this
Hello. Most likely, he is just being honest with you. he doesn't want to lose you completely, so he hangs around. He probably has no idea that it bothers you or hurts you. He is making your relationship happen on his terms. If you can't handle just being friends with him, you probably want to consider not having any contact with him any more. He is dictating to you how things should be and you don't have to deal with that if you don't want to. I wouldn't hold on to much hope that his feelings would change at this point because he is getting what he wants. If he finds another girlfriend, he may even still want to hang out with you so he can have everything that he wants all at once. This would make it worse for you as well. Either that or he is still hanging out with you UNTIL he finds another girlfriend in order not to be completely without female companionship. Either way, you have the right to tell him to go away completely. If in fact there is any way that he will eventually change his mind and come back, I think that showing that you are strong enough to tell him what YOU want is the better way to go. He needs to realize that you don't need him and more importantly, if he isn't willing to be with you then you don't want him. Dictate your own terms and stand up for what you want out of this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
we were together for 23 years he woke up one day and said he doesn't love me that way anymore
we have had daily contact ever since Ever since that day his life job, respect from others, has completely
vanished, we really only had each other. he now lives in the woods in a cabin. I want to move away
to another town when house sells. he was fired from his job I want to let him go but i am struggling

is this midlife he is 46 My nurturing side wants to fix
I understand how you feel. He seems to have made his choice, however. The only thing you can do is to express to him how you feel. He may be having some issues that you don't know about that he needs to work through. Maybe he just needs some time. Of course its not easy just to let go after being together for that long. Give him some time and then revisit the situation. I know you both speak every day, so just go with that for now. Keep things light and friendly. Tell him that you plan on moving away and see what his reaction is. Just let him know that you love him and will always be there for him if he needs you and if he needs to talk. Make sure he knows your feelings without you being overly forceful about it. That respect should go a long way in his eyes no matter what he may be going through.
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