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My GF just broke up with me and im trying like anything to

Resolved Question:

My GF just broke up with me and im trying like anything to win her back. We met 15months ago and the whole time we have had communication problems. I have talked her into letting me chat to her about this. She has told me she doesnt think there is a chance we can work. But she has left the door ajar. Comunication is hugely important and due to past issues that i have never discussed with her, i have been closed. But i want to open up and tell her things that i have never told anyone. And i know i can change in ways that i want to change in, i just have to convince her of this. Am i taking the right approach?? I cant sit back and not try and win back the person i love
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

You are taking the right approach and you have a positive attitude. If you want to change and you want it bad enough it can happen. She is hurt right now but you could let her know how badly you want this. When you are closed other people feel that they are not getting to know the real you. You wall off part of your personality. That is not conducive to a healthy relationship. A relationship needs open communication and intimacy. Neither is possible if you are not there emotionally for that person. I suggest that you get my favorite resource on this subject - mars and Venus Together Forever. This will help you with the problems in the communication area. Let her have a few days to collect herself and then try. Sometimes people are hurt and they will withdraw but then be ready to talk. Then let her know that you are very serious about changing and want another chance. If that is the case be proactive. Don't sit around waiting for her.


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