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How can I get my wife to stop shopping and opening credit cards

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How can I get my wife to stop shopping and opening credit cards as it is putting us in a tough financial spot with another kid on the way?
Some times when people continue to shop and not realize the consequences of debt they might need to understand why they continue to buy. There could be many reason why she is shopping. When you are pregnant, there is a emotion you get called nesting. You want everything to be ready all set up for the babies arrival. You want to make sure the new baby has everything so you can be prepared. Also excessive shopping could be something that makes her happy and she masks her true feeling by buying things. But buying this will never fill any void she might be feeeling in her life. Another reason could be because she feels the need to keep up with others who have the same things. Some times childhood can cause this as well. If she didn't have much growing up and now is abke to buy things she always wanted its common to get the things you alwayys desired. But I would sit her down and ask hee why she thinks she continues to shop. Listen to what she says and you both can work on the solutions. She needs to know her spending will over time put her debt. This need to be handle diffeent because I feel the more you take away the more she might shop because you told her she couldn't so she needs to figure out that this spending mught put her in debt where she will no longer be able to by the things she wants. If you have anymore questions I am here.
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