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I have a co worker that I have an interest in and feel I have made efforts to show my interest.  She has been and is in a "boyfriend" / "girlfriend" relationship for several years.  I have asked her to events and her response is "I can't".  She has in the past made comments while casual conversation such as "yes Curtis I will marry you" and made playful comments that I had a wife during my then period of being married found this to be odd but playful.  Recently I had separated from my wife and have moved on and she knows this.  I have continued to display my attention to her.  She and I have always been close and texting one another as friends has always been there however a few days ago she text me Good Morning and wanted to tell me to have a great day :-) which has not been out of the ordinary as she has made it apparent to me she does reach out and text me occassionally.  I have always been playful with my conversation with her and she in return has messaged me pics of herself at events and outings which are nice but unexpected.  Upon my recieving her good morning text I had replied with "Good Morning Beautiful" etc. she replied "Can I ask you something..." I replied "sure..." Her response was "Ok don't make me feel weird..."  and then "Is it weird that I randomly think about you...?".  My response was "No it is not weird and you shouldn't consider that as such" and had asked what her random thoughts were?.  Her reply was "Well its not a bad thing but it catches me off gaurd when I do think of you.  I'm not sure what I think of it's just random".


Let me know your thoughts and we shall go from there.  Just curious I suppose at this point.  Not sure if I am being played or she is just confused or having a relationship issue of her own at the time and looking and being permiscuous and or flirty.


Thanks in advance.

It sounds like she is contemplating some romantic feelings. She seems leery and that is probably because of her obligation to another person. She seems very hesitant about how she feels and slightly confused. This is where it is difficult to make a decision because she would have to make a choice. She may like you but is fearful that a work romance would become awkward. The fact that you answered no probably will help her open up about whatever she is thinking. I would let her take the lead since she seems to be struggling. She may be very torn with the relationship she is already in and trying to disclose her thoughts slowly with you. There is always the chance that her thoughts were just randomly thinking about you but that probably isn't the case. When we think about others there are usually feelings attached. I would explore the situation very carefully. If she is interested you need to consider that work could become very complicated if this goes bad. Let her tell you what she wants first.


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