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psychlady, Counselor
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Hi - back again -I recently wrote to you regarding my fly in

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Hi - back again -I recently wrote to you regarding my fly in fly out husband who I suspected of having an affair. I now know that my gut feeling was right he has owned up to this and said he didn't mean it to happen - I said it takes 2 to tango. Anyway - he is always very short when speaking to me - it all came to a head last Thursday when he said he needed to sort himself out - I agreed - He has not contacted me in 4 days ago - I know he has gone to her home town. What do I do now? Wait????

You can't do anything until you can talk to him. You can't make a decision by yourself. It is unfortunate that his is behaving this way but you still don't know if he will end it with her and vow to never see her again. He has to take that first step. In the meantime, try to decide what you want from all this. Do you think this relationship can be saved now that you have all the information. What do you want considering he is having sex with someone else. Can you live in a relationship where you will always wonder. Would a marriage counselor help you make sense of this. When you hear from him be prepared to have these answers. You have to wait because you can't reach him. This is important time to decide what you want. Prepare the questions you will have for him as well.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have told him where I stand - that I would like us to work on making this marriage work that I can forgive him regarding this other woman - I have just booked in for 6 sessions with a counsellor - he said he will not go to one. I just find that he is being continually dishonest - I feel he will not get in touch with me until late tomorrow night as he is then due to fly out the next morning - he has a habit these days of making sure he doesn't have to spend too much time communicating with me - I find it difficult not to ring him but don't wont to blow it by phoning - he will say that I am nagging him - all I want is an answer so I can move on and he cant do this for me.

I totally understanding. The wait must be murder. If he is unwilling to go to counseling, can't communicate, and refuses to change the hope for this is not good. I know you want it but he has to want it too. It sounds like he isn't willing to do anything. You at this point are at his mercy but really decide how much this is costing you

Going to bed. Hope your news tomorrow is better

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can't goto bed as it is only 10.51am in West Australia - sleeping is a sore point.