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Experience:  I have over 16 years experience in treating adults presenting with a variety of relationship issues
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1 history of relation ship and his history-my husband cheeted

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1 history of relation ship and his history-my husband cheeted on me we been together for 17 years 14 of those he has been seeking female attention out side the marriage it was like he wasnt even married the way he acted he admits to sleeping with only one he says that is all but openly admits that if some of the others were willing it would have been more he had a seriously bad child hood with abuse and violance in the house as he growed up then when his parents divorced neither wanted him he eventually wound up with is older sister

2-my issues why cant i get over the hurt i still hurt like crazy i use to never get on the computer only 1or twice a week no i stay on it constantly i dont care about my looks cant hardley make my self take care of the kids wash clothes any thing thats not like me i never want to go any were talk im not happy verry moody sometimes hateful i do self destructive habits i take adderall again and i swore id never take that again after it almost killed me last time i over dosed i cant seem to stop from this and other self destructive habits IM ALWAYS FORGIVING I FORGAVE EVERY MAN THAT MOLESTED ME A A CHILD I FORGAVE MY MOM FOR BEING PHYSICAL AND VERBAL ABUSIVE WHY CANT I GET OVER THIS

I am sorry for your traumatic history. You are describing typical symptoms of depression. This can be situational. For instance in response to your husband's cheating. You may be dealing with that trauma by experiencing depression. Your inability to maintain yourself, spending extensive time on the computer, and the neglect of your responsibilities are signs of a mood disturbance whether it is temporary or chronic. Symptoms of depression include forgetfulness, fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of interest, sadness, poor sleep/appetite, irritability and hopelessness. You could be taking out this information on yourself. If you add the extensive abuse that you have suffered it is very possible that you are experiencing symptoms of depression. Sometimes we think we have forgiven others for our trauma when it is really just under the surface. Find someone in your area that offers therapy for trauma survivors. Then you can take care of this once and for all and lessen the effects that make you so sad. You don't want to wait until you have abused substances to get the help you need. please call someone in your area.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
im back to abusing i stay up so i dont have to get in bed im never happy cant remeber the last time i trully felt happy or at piece i dont know why this is so hard you think with my history id be stronger dilling with this but i just cant seem to get up and do it i just dont know what i done in my past life but it must have been bad
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
how do i stop abusing now its started due to the hurt and stress i figure somthing might work prob is if im tired which i im not abusing them to bad i got them for sleep probloms where i sleep at odd times and have trouble staying awake but ill start taking a ton i did last name
You have to get help for that behavior. You may have sleep problems but you know it has nothing to do with that. You have to be honest and admit what you are doing and seek help. You can't rationalize this any longer. You can't fix anything else until you fix this. Find someone in your area to help you address this. This can also be explored in the context of your other mental health issues. It will help you immensely see things with a clear head

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