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Im an 18 year old high school student with a relationship

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I'm an 18 year old high school student with a relationship problem. Ever since I found out that I was gay I cannot confront my family like I used to. Been trying to avoid my family and trying to change my ways but all I ever do is hurt myself. Few of my friends now about my orientation but none of them know about what I suffer and how depressed I've become throughout time. My parents are strictly Catholics and that scares me the most. To be rejected is one of my awful nightmares but I still want to confront them. I'd like some advises of how I would come out to them. Also I've been dating this guy that's 9 years older than me for a while. What are your thoughts? How can I get out of this mess without hurting anyone?

You need to accept who you are and others will follow. When you are not confident then others will pick up on that. If you don't have the confidence to present your sexuality to others then they won't take you seriously. So you have to start today educating yourself and finding resources to help you come out. There is a wealth of information on line for people with alternative lifestyles. Tap into those resources. There are probably groups for people in the gay lifestyle who are just coming out. You want to have all the information you can and people will follow. You won't be insecure about coming out if it starts with you. I can't advise you on the words you need but I totally encourage you to find that in other members of the community through research. You can't be something you are not to please your parents. It is going to be difficult. But you need them to accept you so you are not living a lie. Come to them when YOU think you are ready and ask them for acceptance and present your lifestyle. Tell them that you don't expect them to understand but this is who you are. You can't take it beyond that. The rest has to come from them.


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