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so my gf spends alot of time online,there are some guys who

Customer Question

so my gf spends alot of time online,there are some guys who i know like guy keep jokingly says he loves her etc..she tells him to shut up.and there is this other guy who was saying "be my girlfriend,i will never cheat you etc.. to which she never replied.i asked her about this and she just said that they are stupid and she doesnt even take what they are saying seriously. what you think?? also this question is pretty strange but here of my best friends who is quiet well known has 2 facebook pages.(his own,and his well known characters profile)anyways on his character profile he one time wrote this status "i love the girls". as normal people commented etc.but the thing is my girlfriend who i just started going out with at the time commented on his status.she wrote "and i love the boys hahaha"..should i be concerned or what does that mean?sorry if thats all confusing
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

I can see why you are concerned. It must be very frustrating to see these messages. But she can't control what other people say. If you want her to not interact with them then say that. It is okay to feel disrespected because these conversations are going on. But if she is not responding to them they are responsible for these messages. You should know if her behavior goes beyond reading these messages. If she isn't participating then she isn't doing anything wrong. You can talk about ways together that don't encourage such comments. If she cares about you she will want to stop this from happening. I think you should talk about it together beyond what you have. If you feel disrespected let her know and see what can change.


As far as her response to your friends you don't know if that was meant sexually. He could have been saying I love the girls meaning he has a lot of hookups but that doesn't mean she meant the same thing. There is no way to know what she meant. So you have to either accept the answer you get from her or you don't . But you don't that means you don't trust her and maybe the relationship is not based on trust and honesty.


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