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Iv been dating a guy for 2 months talking at least everyother

Resolved Question:

Iv been dating a guy for 2 months talking at least everyother day and seeing everyweekend. all a sudden Sunday when i called his daughter ansawered i spoke to her a few minutes then asked for him she put me on hold then got back on the phone a said he will call u back later. I havent heard anything since then. I called him Monday nite got no ansawer but left a message to have him call me and that we should talk. today still nothing Im getting the message but I would like to talk to him for closure. Im not mad just feel hurt that he can't pick up the phone and say its over. I thought about texing him to try to talk him into calling me. How do I get closure and make the a healthy break up?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

It is a shame that he can't have the decency to tell you what he has on his mind. It always helps to know what went wrong so that you know what actually happened. Closure can be a last phone call or meeting but it doesn't have to be. You have to find your own closure by being original. You have had several opportunities to find closure not just the ideal closure that you want. You have the phone call, or the message. You don't have to talk to him to have closure. He is preventing that. So you have to make your own. If he doesn't need closure he isn't motivated to give you any


Since it hasn't been a long time let this one go and assume that he has his reasons. Since he is not allowing you to know what they are you have to assume. He could have decided he is too busy to date, or not had a good time, or any number of things most of which have nothing to do with you. Let him have his space. You may find in the future what the reason is and if you don't then move on. If someone is that fickle then he isn't worth your time anyway.



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