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how do i out the friendship zone

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how do i out the friendship zone?
Thanks for using just answer.

If you could give me a little more history I could probably help you.

can you tell me more about what is going on?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ask my friend out for dinner couple months ago, she told me she just wants to b friends, i been trying to be strong and graces about it , we known each other about one year. both r in recovery. (alcohol) i know she didnt want to hurt me, she sweet and understanding, very attractive. i havnt had contact w/ her for about a month and half, until last nite just ask her how she was doing, she said doing fine, made couple jokes kept r texting short, i really like this women both r in r late 30s pls, help, im in the friendzone Frown
So you are in love alone. This is a most painful place to be.

You have two options.

Option one is slow and hard because you invest in the relationship with no promise that it will pay off. So in option one you make contact with her regularly and take her out occasionally. She may go along and fall in love with you, or she may go along and just enjoy being your friend, or she may start to be 'busy' a lot (her way of saying she's not interested.)

Option two is you just tell her straight up that you find her very attractive and want your relationship to become more than it has been in the past. And you see what she says.

If you find yourself unwilling to pursue option one or two you should probably go back to very infrequent contact so as not to torture yourself unnecessarily.

Congratulations on your time in recovery.

P.S. try to remember that if this relationship does not work out the way you want it to, there will be other women who you become interested in who may also be interested in you.

Best of luck to you.
Mark Manley
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