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I screwed up due to my pride, took some time to figure out

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I screwed up due to my pride, took some time to figure out what i needed to do to change, all she wanted was the small things and I always felt I did, looking back I was a lame bf. She has given me 2 chances already. After my time figure out I can change ( 1 month) she found someone new from out of state, says its serious he has been here once. I was a wreck the first couple of weeks with the texting and all that, she needed help last weekend at her house had no one that knew what to do so she called me, after helping we had a long talk. I did the talking and she listend, and I explained that I hurt her emoitions and that my communication was very bad the time we where together (2yrs) I said it in a cool confident mannor It still ended up it has to late and she has moved on, I have more to do this weekend for her but dont know what I should do do I be happy to help or go in get done and leave, so many questions. I know I love her and want everything she does.

First you have to accept as you said that she is moving on. So that means her heart is closed to any more ways to really be a couple. It sounds like you have started to accept that. I fear that by helping her you are leaving the door open that says I want to be together so I will be around in case you change your mind. You are going to get more and more despondent the more you help. You have to protect you first before you help her. There comes a time when you can be too nice. You also have to consider that she may be asking for too much. She has to find other resources than you to help her at her house. She can't expect that she will move on and then call you when she needs help. At some point she is going to have a guy and want help and you are going to eventually feel resentful.


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