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If the person I like ignored my birthday last week also our friends came for my birthday party his sister said that he did not feel well, today is his birthday should I send him a greetings text message?
I think the most important thing is for you to find out why person that you like to not attend your birthday party. Sending him a text would be very appropriate saying that you missed him. You are obviously trying to be affectionate and like him a lot. However there may be other reasons why he did not come and you need to find out since it important to you. I would send just one text message and not call as well. He may ell you more by what he does not do or say than what he does.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I already called him and left a message on his voice mail saing that i missed him. He would not answer his phone just before my birthdeay and seven days after than he came with his friend to our meeting and said " I am sorry" never gave a reason what he is sorry for. Last night he asked me who gave me flowers and for what reason? I replied that I got flowers for my birthday last week. And than he said "Happy Birthday". Today is his birthday do you think I should send him Happy birthday message or ignore his birthday just like he ignored mine.I think he knew that it was my bthday because his sister knew and his friends knew. Do you think that he gives me the message that he does not want me?