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Iam an 8yr widow and in my late 60s and my fiance is in mid

Resolved Question:

Iam an 8yr widow and in my late 60's and my fiance is in mid 70's. We have been together for 6 months. He proposed about 3 months ago and gave me a very nice engagement ring and the wedding band, too. He told me that they were black hills gold. I have been wearing the engagement ring and showing it to friends and family. I recently noticed that the gold on the inside of the ring was wear off. I did not know where he bought the rings, so, I took the ring to a local jeweler. He told me that this was not any kind of gold and the stone was not even a CZ. He said what I had here was a piece of costume jewelry. My questions are:
Do I confront my fiance about this? And if so, how.
Do I weigh his love for me on what he paid for these rings?
Is he being cheap?

I have one friend that says I should confront him and another friend that wants me to dump him. I need some advise.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

If you are in a committed relationship then you really should give him the chance to explain. I would tell him that you know and was wondering why he would tell you that it is real. He could have wanted the commitment and not had the money to buy you a ring or maybe he is cheap. But you want to know because if you are thinking of leaving then you should want to know why he did this. If it was because he didn't have enough money that is much different than cheap. You at least know you were marrying someone cheap. I would confront him but not in an angry way. There could be a rational explanation. After you get all this information then I would decide if his love can be measured in a fake ring. That is something you should talk about too. It is disheartening to get engaged with a fake ring. See if his feelings are more than the fake gold when you talk to him. Make your decision from this talk. Definitely bring it up.


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