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Suzanne, Therapist, LCSW
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I have been having an affair for over a year with a man. We

Resolved Question:

I have been having an affair for over a year with a man. We moved into together, but for financial reasons he was forced to move back to his house & with her.

We never stopped seeing each other & we are deeply in love. Neither of us are stupid or uneducated in anyway. We realize the situation is not ideal.

She is a very abusive woman & demorlizes him & hits him, as well as often throws things at him. He always walks away & is very hurt by these outbursts.

My question is what could be done to put us back together under one roof again. How does the government think that the man losing everything is the answer when it comes to divorce.

This woman wants it all. She wasn't willing to settle for half at all. What should we do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Suzanne replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for bringing your question to Just Answer!

Since she is probably trying to get more than half due to his infidelity with you, he may want to start reporting her physical abuse (hitting, throwing things if they hit him) to the police so that he can defend against her infidelity charges with spousal abuse charges.

What it will take for the two of you to be under one roof is for the man to report the domestic violence,and file for a restraining order against her (it may be called something else in Canada), and to build a case against her so that the property will be split 50/50 by the courts. He should consult an attorney at once.

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