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Category: Relationship
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Hi. Well my gf moved back home. Took everything with her.

Customer Question

Hi. Well my gf moved back home. Took everything with her. Now there are 2 girls who I am talking to. One keeps on telling me what she wants to do to me sexually like a lot and it's a little over the top. And the other girl I met last night and I really like her. We kissed for like an hour and this was a v
Girl I haven't met in 4 weeks. Now she says she really into me but she's been dating this other guy for 3 weeks. She said that I am more her type and he was a geek and was safe. Guess she got burnt a few times. She said she can't stop thinking about me but yet she's still going out with this other guy tonight. So what's the deal? She is more attracted to me the wow factor but this other guy is safe. She said well only if we met sooner. Talking about mixed signals. I was just wondering if there was a way to handle this? Also do you think I am wrong seeing the other girl?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

If this one girl is seeing this guy and it bothers you then you may look at your choice. There is nothing wrong with dating two people so you have to make up your mind but she is clearly going to try you both out for awhile. If she can't stop thinking about you then this really is a mixed signal. You have to ask yourself if you are up to putting up with guy #2. She seems like a person only interested in playing the field. Is that what you want. You may explore the possibility of girl #1 who has a better idea of what she wants. You just have to ask yourself what you want and who fits that criteria. Who has the qualities you want. If you want to see them for a short time you would have a better idea of who better fits your criteria.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi. The one girl is telling me that she wants to be with me. No bs. But the girl who I like better still has this guy around bec she said she doesn't wan to burt his feelings. Do u buy that? She says she wants to be with me and only me but yet she's responding to texts. She hasn't gone out with him this week. I told her that her and I can be ruined with 2 other people in the picture. I am wondering why if she likes me why he is still around. She told me that he's safe and can hurt her. She went out with me to a lounge and she sees girls look at me and I can hurt her if I want something better.
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.
No I don't buy that. No one stays in a relationship because of hurting their feelings. She wants this relationship on some level. It sounds like she wants both you and him. It sounds like she is playing games. It is way too early for that. And she doesn't sound honest. If she likes you enough she wouldn't need him. You shouldn't have to be in this scenario. If he can hurt her that is even more reason to run. I think sounds like a lot of drama for a new relationship. I would rethink it