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We have a neighbour who keeps looking over our fence and aggravating

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We have a neighbour who keeps looking over our fence and aggravating our dogs to bark when we are not home (according to our other neighbours). Yesterday I caught him using a camcorder in the early hours of the morning scanning our property and the exterior of our home. When I spotted him I was in my undergarments inside my home with the blinds open (our house is surrounded by colorbond fencing). He saw me catch him and jumped down when I screamed. I went over to speak to him and so did my husband but he's ignoring us. I just want to make sure he doesn't have any pictures of me in my undergarments. What is my position on this?

Kevin Kappler :

He is clearly violating your privacy and may even be stalking you. In Australia do you have something equivalent to a restraining order? Basically if he continues to violate your privacy you can go before a judge and have a restraining order taken out on him.

Kevin Kappler :

What it does is that he has to keep a certain distance from you and if he violates it you can have him arrested without questioning.

Kevin Kappler :

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Thank you for your response. Yes I will look into this and see if this action can be taken in Australia as I do feel threatened and uncomfortable when I am at home knowing he's looking over the fence all the time. I feel like a hermit having to keep my blinds shut in my own home.

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