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TherapistMaryAnn, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues
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Hi, I need a few tips of what I can do to get my ex back.

Customer Question


I need a few tips of what I can do to get my ex back. I was in a relation for 1 year and a half. In the beginning of the relation she was the one running after me.I was not ready for a relation, and she waited for me nearly two months. Then we settled in a relation and we seemed to love each other so much. She used to tell me i am the one and that she will never find someone like me who respects and love her so much.She also used to speak to me about the place we will buy, and to get married etc etc. Then all of a sudden I started noticing that during the last month of the relationship, she lost attraction and started sending 1 word text messaging answers, … I felt it.Even when i used to be near her, she felt she could not breath!! Then she told me we need to talk and told me that she was not feeling that spark which she felt in the beginning anymore. She told me do not think i have someone else in mind as it is not the case. She told me to stop for a break and I agreed with her. In a nut schell, we met again after 10 days and she told me that she did not miss me and that she wants to quit this relation. I agreed with her. Did not text her for a whole month and a half, and she did not text me back either. I made the biggest mistake to send her flowers for her birthday after one month and a half and a card, telling her I am there for her and i am willing to wait for her like she waited for me in the beginning of the relationship.. She texted me and told me that she made thinks clear the month before, and that things are not solved that way, and that love has to be reciprocate to keep the relationship strong. She was right i know when you send flowers etc you will push her further away, because that is not the reason she broke up with me. A week after I texted her saying the following… “ hi just wanted to tell you that you were right, the break up was definatly for the best. No hard feelings!” to show her in a good manner that I moved on and accepted the breakup. She replied short and sweet, “ I know, that’s why I decided.

Do you think it is all over, and is there any chance she will change her mind and realizes with that last message I sent her? Now 2 months passed from the break up and i really do not know what to do next. Personally i think she is sure about her decision and mayby even worse there is someone else in her back of her mind. She also unfriend me from facebook 4 weeks after we broke up, mayby that is a bit of a good sign that she still deep down cares.

I really appreciate if you could answer me and help me with my case by giving me some dirty psycological tricks to make her love me again??!! I will do anything if she will come back to me. Could it be possible she is acting in her Lizard Brain? How can she manage not texting me for 2 months straight, when she was really caring even the last day we met to quit the relation?!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.
I answered this before but opted out for you so you can get a second opinion. It will be coming soon

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