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wow my friend has a hu bby who is getting deployed to.she

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wow my friend has a hu bby who is getting deployed to.

she has a question. her hubby is extremely portective and semi jeal ous. not overly.

but he considers her bff friend his friend kinda. so he stopped by her clothing shop. discussed a few things with her, as he needed to pick up a few items. he asked her wife if she wnated to go and she said no.

so he got her ema il address, and kept it saying he got it to give her his mailing address for when she mailed him a care package which was discussed before.

my question is. he is jealou s kinda so hed basically have a cow if it was reversed and he never mention this to his wife. she found the addre ss in his pocket, he detailed all other parts of the convo except this one thing for the address.

he would be incredible angry if it was vice versa? what is going on? anything suspicious?
You are right. He probably would be jealous. I guess that there isn't an issue if he isn't doing anything wrong. Some of this depends on if he had a legitimate reason to go to the shop or whether it was an excuse. If it was an excuse then that is suspicious. I guess it boils down to two things. Is he trustworthy and why he was there. I think it is inappropriate to get her address unless they really are good friends. If they are then he probably just wants another contact in a very stressful environment. This situation boils down to him = why is he writing her and is this a threat to his marriage. I think he needs to be asked these questions before it becomes a huge issue in the marriage. Ask your friend to challenge him on this so that everything is out in the open. That is where it needs to be.
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