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My 31 year old son is an alcholic and smokes pot and ADD. He

Resolved Question:

My 31 year old son is an alcholic and smokes pot and ADD. He has a year old child with his long distance relationship. He usually sees his son about once a week, sometimes less. He tells his long term girlfriend he doesn't know if he is in love with her but loves her, then talks about marriage. he has gotten so confused lately and his drinking was increasing. he was driving after drinking and was very adamant that he "would never stop doing what im doingl im invinceable".. untill the dui with property damage in his girlfriend truck. he lives at home and works for contractors and the studio in construction or grip or PA. He has no self esteem and was divorced 5 year ago after a 5 year marriage full of fights and put downs etc. he pays his bills for his child and helps out with his girlfriends bills if he can. He needs an in patient rehab that is very reduced cost since he has not alot of money. Outpatient won't work since he needs to get away from all these people that he hangs with. He says he sees now he needs help but is putting it off. He is still drinking but not driving, calls for rides home. I now go to al-anon My husband won't go to al-anon, but is tired of the drama! Help.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

If he cannot afford treatment then he must apply for public funds like Medical Assistance. Sometimes calling the facility is helpful as they may do fee sliding scale or they may have state funding through their social workers. It isn't easy but you can do this. Samhsa is helpful but you may have to call each and every facility sometimes. Also apply for state funds at Social Services.


He needs to do this. It is my experience that if he isn't engaged it the process he won't be engaged in the treatment. If he is still drinking then he does need the intervention. But you have to involve him. He also needs to attend AA when he is waiting. I think the place to start is with him unless you are doing an intervention where the facility comes up immediately. If he has no part in it then you don't know that he will go


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