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Im in a sexual relationship with a co worker who is marrried

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Im in a sexual relationship with a co worker who is marrried for 2 years . To my dismay she is also having sex with our supervisor for 13 years . Emotionally I am ashamed for being involved now and angry at the other two. Accepting this is hard for me and I am contemplating quitting my job although we all are very good at our jobs. This is hard for me to accept and find it hard to continue working here. Is this dishonest behavior in a working enviroment worth quitting? This feels unhealthy. I feel like running away.
Whether you should quit depends on how happy you will be to continue to work with her and focus on your job. If you feel your feelings are too strong and working with her will just maintain these hurtful feelings then you should consider quitting. However if you can put this behind you and you can do a good job then stay. Although we all would like to say that our jobs is more important than anything reality is that many people would leave. That is why this type of setting for romance is discouraged. If things don't work out it makes the environment very uncomfortable. The decision is yours but it depends on whether being at work is an unpleasant place to be.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok but now i am avoiding both of them . She is asking about my strange behavior (wants attention). I told her I am just working and busy. Should i just let that be my final response and let go?
You should let it be your last response. Don't elaborate. You don't owe her an explanation. Avoid both of them. Let it go so that she has as little impact as possible at work. short and sweet leads to less questions on her part
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thank you so much . what a relief.

Your welcome
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