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MrsRuss0114, LCSW
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  B.A.Psychology, MSW, LCSW, HS-BCP; 8+ yrs experience.
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What should I do if Im really in love with my boyfriend and

Resolved Question:

What should I do if I'm really in love with my boyfriend and we fight a lot?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  MrsRuss0114 replied 6 years ago.

Russ0114 : Hello and thank you for choosing just answer, I look forward to assisting you.
Russ0114 : I don't see you mention that you've tried to sit down and talk to him about how it makes you feel when the two if you fight all of the time or to get an understanding of how he feels in those same instances. The two of you need to really talk and figure out where all of the fighting is stemming from and address that or those issues together.

We got into a bad fight last night, and I've apologized but he told me that he doesn't want to talk to me.


He says that there's no use becasuse when we "solve things" it never works.

Russ0114 : So, give him some time to cool down and once he has then the two of you need to sit down and try and have a meaningful discussion about why each of you think you communicate the way you do.
Russ0114 : It's not a matter of just solving the current issues, you have to find the root of all the issues and address those.
Russ0114 : Obviously, things aren't bring solved if you find yourselves right back in the arguments.

So, I shuldn'


talk to him until he comes to me?

Russ0114 : You should wait until he seems to be cooled off and ask him to sit down and talk with you to try to figure out where these arguments stem from.
Russ0114 : If he's not open to that, then you can tell him that you will give him some more time and when he's ready to really deal with the issues in your relationship you'll be ready to do that with him.

Do you think that if he keeps telling me that he doesn't want to talk it out because it's "exhausting" that I should end it? I don't want to do that but I feel like he he keeps saying that then there's nothing I can do.

Russ0114 : If he doesn't want to talk about it then you have to determine for yourself if your truly happy with your relationship how it is now and consider if things never change, will you be okay with that. If not, then yes, it's probably gonna be in your best interest to move on where you can find true happiness.

This is just so hard and confusing.


I honestly see the rest of my life with him. And he told me that he does too. I feel like it is my job to be strong and fight, but at the same time I can't be the only one fighting.

Russ0114 : You know what's uncomfortable and not happy for you so if the fighting causes you those feelings and your bf is not interested in changing that then the answer is simple.

Thank you.

Russ0114 : You know how much your willing to put up with so until you reach your breaking point then you have to figure out how to cope with your relationship as is.
Russ0114 : You're welcome. Don't sacrifice your happiness if your bf isn't willing to make any sacrifices to make you happy.

That makes me feel a little bit better. and NOw I know what to do.

Russ0114 : Glad I could help.
Russ0114 : Best of luck to you.
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