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Cathy, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Ms, MS.Ed., thirty years clinical practice
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is my boyfriend of 4 years cheating on me who is the person

Resolved Question:

is my boyfriend of 4 years cheating on me who is the person he's cheating with and how far does she stay from me how long has he been talking to this woman. have sex with her and what is her name first name will be great. im confused i hope im wrong about him but i really need to know
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cathy replied 6 years ago.

Cathy :

Hi and thanks for writing JA

Cathy :

do you have any evidence that he is cheating or just your suspicions?

Cathy :

thanks for the additional info so we can best help you from JA.

Cathy :

warm regards, Cathy


well im suspicious and i kinda have evidence one night he came home smelling like perfum and he stayed out to 4:30 a.m when he just got off of work at 12a.m a women was on my voice mail and it sounded like she was having sex. then when i called the number nobody knew anything, but then a cell phone called me like 3 days later and it was the person i believe that was having sex on my phone. so i googled her number and it showed me the place where she lives which is down the street not even 5 min driving a car. but i never went looking for her. im confused because i having some what dreams. i hope he's not cheating or cheated on me in the last past 2 years. i really love him and see myself marrying him and he tells me the same i do feel and believe he loves me dearly. but i also know men will cheat even if they are in love. how can we get past this together i just want him to tell me the truth so i can feel better. So Confused Please help.

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