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I recently moved across country to take a new job. My girlfriend

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I recently moved across country to take a new job. My girlfriend of 5 years and I decided we would try to make it work. She also has to move in the same state for a school she was accepted into. After a month she broke it off. We did not talk afterwards. Are only communication was a text from me on Father's day because she had recently lost her dad. I know she is dating someone now and that does get to me. Well after only 3 months of being here the company I work for had to lay me off because of cash flow problems. I cant decide what I am going to do now. am little embarassed to move home but a part of me wants to move back and try to make it work with her. I was thinking about calling her but I feel confident that her answer will not be what I wanted to hear. Thoughts?
The big question is why did she break off the relationship with you after being together for 5 years?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
she said the distance, old trust issues, that fact that we had been dating 5 years and we weren't any closer and fact we had moved so far apart
Ok so since you want to reconnect this relationship then I think your best bet is to move closer to her. A phone call asking her how she has been is totally appropriate. But don't talk about any relationship issues. Just ask how things are going and let her know you are planning to move in town.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My only problem with that is I am not sure if I will move home unless she wants to work on things. I might be better suited career wise to stay out here. Is it unrealistic to ask her how she feels about the relationship and that I might be moving home and would like to work on it.
Move home because it is best for you right now; not because she might get back with you. That may come in time. then again it might not. You can't move because of her though. I wouldn't talk about the relationship just yet. have a few casual conversations with her before you get into that stuff.
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