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Im sure what Im going to be told but going to ask anyway...

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I'm sure what I'm going to be told but going to ask anyway... I've been seeing and chatting with a guy for about three weeks now. We've gone out and had a great time, he's always met me out even couple of ties when I didn't expect it when I said I was going to be somewhere, texts go back and forth and seemed like things were on-track and going good and then now all of a sudden seems like just overnight that things have changed. We spoke on Wed. night and he said he'd love to go out this week. We were texting back and forth Friday and he usually goes out with his friends which is not a problem. I told him to have fun and call me if he can and I never heard from him which was the first time he just failed to text or communicate with me. We made tentative plans for Saturday on Wed. night and he texted earlier Sat. saying he was at a cookout and he may be out later via text but even earlier in the day the texts were being returned hours in-between saying he was out shopping and looking at cars. I texted later that night and said I was on my way out and I never heard back from him until about 2:15am Sunday morning when He texted me saying "Sorry he couldn't make it out; hope that I had a good night; sweet dreams". I was disappointed and upset so I didn't text back until about 6:15p and told him "No worries. Get intouch with me if he wants to hangout this week". So far have not heard back from him as of Monday today. Not sure what's changed from Wed to this weekend. I know my curiosity is getting the best of me but know I do not need to play into it. Not sure what I should say or how to handle going forward. I'm interested in him and until this weekend I thought he was interested in me.

Your best bet is your second choice which is seeing if he will see you face to face. I may say something but I wouldn't appear rigid. It really is way too early for you texted me these days but not those days. I would schedule dinner just to get to know each other but you are going down a dangerous road. Just bring up that you was wondering what held him up and then leave it at that. Focus after this on getting to know each other rather than his schedule. I understand your concern and it is weird but anything could have happened. If you find out he isn't interested then just move on. I bet something happened and he has a good explanation.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Would it be appropriate to send a text if a face to face cannot be had to ask if he's still interested or not? My text would go something like this "Hey.... I know you've been busy lately If I'm pressuring you or something has changed with your interest in me will you please let me know. Whatever is happening between us I just want us to keep lines of communication open and always be upfront and honest with each other just like you was with me when we first met. Would you be interested in going back to Yn or to dinner to talk and continue to get to know one another or has something changed?".

Of course. However you want to handle it. I think your message was absolutely perfect!!
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