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My supervisor is seems to be playing a game of divide and

Resolved Question:

My supervisor is seems to be playing a "game" of divide and conquer. He wants to interview teammates separately in order to find out who is doing work. This seems highly irregular to me and a bit like an interrogation. I would be interested in your thoughts from an organizational development/morale/functional-disfunctional staff/relationship viewpoint. Here is the email he sent to me followed by the one I sent to him:

"Well, hopefully you’ve been meeting regularly with Clint and working out issues as a team ever since I first started discussing this project with you guys. I want to meet with all of you individually because I want to hear from each of you (individually) on what you are doing to complete this project. In the event that someone is not contributing to the team effort, I don’t want that person to be able to hide behind the team member(s) that are getting the work done. I want to make sure that every individual is taking ownership of the overall effort and is accountable for the outcome. I don’t have a problem meeting with any team whenever that team wants to meet to discuss any issue they like related to their project. But I’ve asked for these meetings for a specific reason and I’ve given a lot of thought to how I want to handle these meetings."


"...given the nature of our assignments, which are team-oriented, I would suggest that we meet as teams. It would be conducive to the generation of consensually agreed on suggestions/ideas. Also it would reduce the chances of misunderstandings and surprises as all team members would be present."


"By the middle of August, I would like each of you to schedule a meeting with me to discuss your individual progress and that of your team on the major assignment I have given you. I want to meet with each of you one on one and each of you will need to be prepared to come in and discuss the current overall status of your effort, your individual contributions to that effort, problems you’ve encountered and steps you’ve taken to overcome those problems and work that still needs to be done. I want to have these meetings with each of you now so that when we get to the end of the performance cycle in September there are no surprises for any of us."
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

I can understand both of your points. As a business owner I understand his need to see that each person is pulling their weight. However I am totally in favor of your idea as you never want to single people out or promote the fact that one person has done more than another. This singles out people and breaks down the concept that everyone is equal. I think your point is taken and it would be beneficial to listen to each person's problems with his strategy. It sounds like he is a little bit of a control freak and I don't envy your position. Usually when bosses insist on a strategy that may or may not even be working they have their minds set on an idea and no one can move them from it. I think you going to have to take speaking your mind very slowly. He doesn't seem the type to listen right away.


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