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Hi again.....after a long time. I am still struggling with

Resolved Question:

Hi again.....after a long time. I am still struggling with my daughter's decision to have a relationship with the unfaithful and dishonest man she is seeing. I feel I cannot allow her to make such a mistake. She is losing all of her friends and UN intentionally losing contact with our small but close family. He actually kissed ( a peck ) one of her friends on the lips when they unexpectedly met last week.....a friend who had a few hours. before told my daughter she and her husband did not want to "get together" with her IF her boyfriend would be with her ( they were in the area). She is with him most of the time and has no one to give her a different perspective. I have never seen her make such an irresponsible decision. Can you offer any new suggestions. I do appreciate all of your previous advice....but I feel I must do more. Many thanks, judy
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

You are in the position that a lot of parents are in. You want the best for your child. Unfortunately reality is that she is an adult and has to make her own decision. It is very difficult to sit back and watch her make a bad choice but you have to. You will probably disagree with my answer but I know you have no choice. When a child grows up even when they are making bad choices we still have to trust in them. She will realize as she loses friends and sees he is causing conflict remember that she has a choice to find someone new. You have to trust in that. I would encourage you to meet with her and psychologist but only if invited. Everyone is talking to her probably which proves my point. She has to be done and she has to move on. Have faith in her. She will come around. Probably not just as soon as everyone wants her to. You have to give her time. Talk about this and see when she is willing to see reality. She will



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