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Should I email a happy 4th message to someone who stood me

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Should I email a happy 4th message to someone who stood me up 2 months ago? maybe this will spark why.  This man is a divorcee x 4 years and he stated that he was having a difficult time finding christian women.  I am new to inter-racial dating.  I thought I would appear pushy if I called him and asked what happened.  I told him I lived with my family and I thought this could have something to do with it and I almost called him to break the date  because I did not want him to meet anyone in my family yet.  I just got all confused and did nothing.  He has been on my mind constantly.  He pursued me through a co-worker until the co-worker finally introduced us.

Kevin Kappler :

Another happy message to someone who stood you up 2 months ago? He is alone and wants a christian woman and that sounds alright. You are wondering if you would be pushy if you contacted him. Now you refer to something that happened 2 months ago when you had your last date with him. He peruses you. This dream shows you to be hesitant for no reason. He is still very interested in you.

JACUSTOMER-sel2jtch- :

I am finding it very difficult in how you came to the conclusion that he is still interested in me. He has not contacted me since the 2 month period. This is why I am hesitant in contacting him. How can you conclude that he is interested in me without any response from him.

JACUSTOMER-sel2jtch- :

I only have this final comment after reading your he is still interested, I decided to put it to thetest and I emailed him a message Hope you have a greet 4th celebration.

JACUSTOMER-sel2jtch- :

I am just so stupid in continuing to think about this day after day after day. I finally just emailed it. So what if he thinks I am persistent. so what if he thinks I am stupid. It is not the end of the world. Nothing has happened so far. All he can possibly think is that I am a very stupid woman and I just do not get the hint. His standing me up was to get a hint that he was not interested.


The answer was confusing will you please reply with a follow up

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