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our relationships with my daughter drasticly change when my grandson was born. my daughter

Resolved Question:

our relationships with my daughter drasticly change when my grandson was born. my daughter became stranger to me, talking to me like i am second rate person. she did not let me help with heer son, doesnot lissen advises and geting mad if i want to advise or tell her something to help. she claim that she knows everything. she missed his ear infection/ delayed treatment, child was deaf for some monthes and have to use speach therapy. he also has severe constipations for a very long time. he developed pain in low abdomen and it is progressing. she doesnot want my advice about his diet, she said: He dont want to eat
only he eats what he wants! she said she give him suppository and fiber but it is getting uncontrol. my grandson is only 3 years old. he cant say where it is hirts. my daughter thinks than i am invading her privicy anf just want me to be quite and respect her. Her husband id support it and wants to see us sometimes and for very short times. this is there child and i dont have
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

Your daughter may be feeling overwhelmed and just doesn't know how to verbalize this. If she is trying to be a parent for the first time she may not want to admit that she has a lot to learn. You can't get her to take your advice by offering these opinions. Try to slowly show that you can help her without being the "mom". I would approach this slowly but gradually. She may come to you one day soon and beg for your help. Just be patient.


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