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My ex Who cheated on me is so mean to me. When I caught him

Resolved Question:

My ex... I just had his baby 8 months ago.... He cheated on me is so mean to me. When I caught him cheating it exposed him fir his true self.
He even continued to date the woman he cheated on me with, even brought her to a wedding we both attended. I paid him or her zero attention. That relationship ended a week after the wedding.
I am cordial to him but not let's get back together cordial. In fact he does not even have my number!
I recently got my self together; looks, new job, moved , and started a new relationship. My ex knows this! And when I see him I'm nothing but nice.
My question is that he sends me pictures of him and our son and some of just himself? Why?
He does not have my new cell number, I deleted him and his friends from Facebook.
Now hes short one worded with me all of the sudden!
He got what he wanted out of the relationship... So why the pick a fight or shortness.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

Apparently he cannot not act maturely as you. This behavior is petty and immature. I would continue to offer zero attention because some people feel more important if they are getting attention from an ex. It sort of strokes their ego. I would minimize this satisfaction and continue with your fresh start. There is also the possibility that he has some left over emotions from the relationship. Don't pay attention to this either since if he was a great boyfriend he would have been one when you were together. He needs to now move on so that he too can be appropriate when communicating with you. Limit your communication to things you need know. When he has closure he will quit being short or angry


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