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I am 19 months pregnant and my bf and I have been fighting

Resolved Question:

I am 19 months pregnant and my bf and I have been fighting so much these last 2 months. He has become good friends with a very young female at work and they text none stop everyday and its been that way for about 5 weeks or so. They talk on the phone here and there when he is at work not around me and he even Hung out with her once after work for like 30mins and I found out and that's after I told him that that would be disrespectful if he ever did that. we have been fighting about this situation since the day he started talking to her. He has tried to lie little white lies about talking to her so I don't fight with him but I always know and confront him about it then he comes clean. He doesn't respect my feelings on this topic at all he takes to her way day to much and he doesn't see any problem with it. We have had trust issues for awhile now but he can never understand why I fight to trust him. I wanna have my family together but I wanna be happy too and so does he. This is destroying our relationship quickly!!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

Instead of books try a relationship counselor. Not just about this issue but to develop communication skills that will transcend to all your problems. Then you can learn to resolve problems without fighting. Fighting can be taught as a skill so that you don't feel that you are fighting over small things. I understand your insecurities about this girl especially with a new baby. He need to make allowances for your feelings about her. You can also try the Mars and Venus series to develop communication but he needs to show that he can be a part of a couple by resolving this. Find a professional before the relationship cannot recover. I don't think it is about this girl but more about learning how to compromise and acknowledge each other's feelings.


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