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I am a 65 year old widower who has become engaged to a 62 year

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I am a 65 year old widower who has become engaged to a 62 year old widow I knew previously. Thiss relationship has been on going about 10 months, we became engaged a month ago. the problem my rlationship with my single parent daughter and her two sons who I basically haVE HELPED RAISE. tHEY ARE 20 AND 16. Anytime my daughter calls me my financee believes I jump and do what she asks without thinking of her. She gets very upset and angry. This latest I changed plans we had to take my grandson to a sporting event he needed to get to as she had an emrgency she couldn't take him so I did. Now I'm paying the price (silent tgreatment) no communication and feelings of anger which I believe are caused by the relationship I have with my daughter and her children. Help adivce for fixing something that I didn't realize was a big issue even though I knew it was an issue.

I don't mean to upset you but it sounds like fiancee is either very insecure and feels threatened by the relationship with your daughter or he is jealous of the time and money you spend on them. This not a good sign. He should be able to appreciate the relationship you have with your daughter and grandchildren and understand that that does not take away from the relationship with him. Emergencies arise with family all the time. I could see him being disappointed but he is taking this too far. If he is upset now that may become an even bigger problem later. You should not have to choose which is probably why daughter is upset. No one wants to see their mother have to choose between their partner and their children. I fear that the further this goes the more distant your daughter could become. In addition, the silent treatment is a purposeful ineffective way to solve problems. That is problem number two. This is fixed pretty easily. For that get a copy of Mars and Venus Together Forever.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am the male in this situation, would your answer be the same if my fiancee is a woman


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