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I met my ex over a year and four months ago. We have had an

Resolved Question:

I met my ex over a year and four months ago. We have had an on and off again relationship. The reason why we always ended things after a while was because he wanted a relationship that was kind of like friends with benefits. I wanted the title as his girlfriend. Anyway we broke up last October and I told him it would be best that we ended all contact between each other. He was my first love and the first man I was sexually involved with. I recently started dating another man back in Febuary. My ex though contacted me one week after dating the new man. My ex wanted to try to work things out, so i had agreed to give it one more shot. Yet he went back to his old ways were he would still not give me the title of being his girlfriend. We split within a week. I am back with the new guy and yet I am thinking about my ex everyday. I just can't seam to get over him. Is it wrong for me to be with the new man in my life if I am thinking about my ex?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

It is unfair if your emotions center around ex. Does the new partner have a shot at having a relationship. That is your answer. If not then let him go. You can't see a person just because they like you. As far as the ex, he will do what he has always done as long as you will put up with it. That is why he calls. He wants a friend with benefits. That won't change no matter what he says. If that is what you want that is what you will get. Stop romanticizing about ex (thinking only good things and forget the problems). Focus on a new relationship with potential rather than making the same mistake. If your guy doesn't have a shot because you are not emotionally available let him go



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