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New on this site still trying to understand it. I had a MFT

Resolved Question:

New on this site still trying to understand it.
I had a MFT answer my first question about the field related to insurence but for some reason it exited out without me getting a reply anyway I also wanted some opinions about this career. I live in NY and heard that insurence company's don't recongize MFT. Is it true that most MFT work privately and part-time? To think I would work hard towards a graduate degree and not really make a good enough salary makes the field discouraging. Is this career path worth it? will the goverment come around and notice mental health services eventually?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 6 years ago.



There are different Master's degrees with their license requirements in each state.

License in Marriage and Family is not the most popular one. If you're looking at license at the Master's level of education, a social work license LCSW is the best option. Why? Because they have a strong lobby and because Medicare reimburses them for their services. Medicare does not pay for LPC (licensed counselors of LMFT licenses) Because of this, getting a degree and a license in marriage/family therapy will not offer as many opportunities as the other disciplines.


The field of mental health is not a very glamorous one. You'd have to pay a lot of money towards your education, will be required to work (mostly free during your internship) and then will really have to have a fully independent license (that you do not get right away and it may take you 3-4 years to do so) What would the license allow you to do? Bill insurance as a form of payment.


Suggestion- look up at the jobs advertised in your area (or where you intend to work) and what the requirements are and what the pay is. That will give you an idea of what is out there.


Also, go on the NY licensing state board website and you will see all of the requirements listed and the disciplines in which a license is offered. Keep in mind that should you relocate to another state, even if it is CT or VT, there may be no reciprocity to transfer your license (for which you would have worked a lot to get up to that point)


If you want to practice marital therapy, you can do it under any other license such as LPC, LCSW or PhD/PsyD license.


As far as what the government wants to do, look at the history of the mental health field. Now managed care is largely in charge, many long term mental health facilities had closed, etc.

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