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I met a guy few month ago,he claimed he loves me and i ignored

Resolved Question:

I met a guy few month ago,he claimed he loves me and i ignored him for a while because he asked me to meet him in his place,i didnt want it and didnt accept it.
after few times he dated me outside I felt i liked him our relation was became closer and we had sex many times but after 3 month he became cold and cold he asked me for not having sex anymore and he didnt date me and he thinks im in a relationship with him and he is not ready for that .
i was angry and upset we decided to be friend to each other but he avoided to see me after our last discussion , for one month.
suddenly I found out Im pregnant when I told him, he asked me for my decision about keeping or abortion also he wanted to support me ,he became so kind and supportive person ,he was attention to me every day and he was preparing himself for having a child ,my hormone was changed and i had more conflict with him and i was so sensitive,crying every time i was sick and upset and felt miserable because he told me he just stay for the baby he cant force himself to love me, he made me nervous and gave me more pressure in my pregnancy time.
in week 7 i had pain and I missed my baby ,i was in hospital alone when he was in his holiday with his family when he came back and he came to see me, but I was sick and in pain when I told him I had miscarriage, his reaction as a man was perfect and supportive .
he promised me to help me to come over it and he will give me support and love and care...
after we buried a little baby together ,just for few days he cared me and he became cold again and he walked away ,and he dosent want too keep in touch with me anymore as he told that our connection was just a kid and actually he didnt want it and my pain and situation dosent make a sense for him because we are not a couples !! .
my emotional pain still remain for my loosing both of them , my baby and my friend who i loved him.
i know that i should be strong and have more confident but in this time i really cant do it because im living alone and my family and friends are in other country far from here, im 33 years old but i really feel im stupid girl...
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Mark Manley replied 6 years ago.

I am sorry you have so much pain. Loosing him and the baby must be so painful for you. From what you describe it sounds like he wanted a sexual partner but not a relationship. You need to work on developing more self confidence and self esteem so you can attract someone who can value the whole you not just your body. Do you know how to learn to think more highly of your self? Have you made progress in this area as you have matured or are you about the same as 10 years ago?


You have a lot more to offer and to receive than what you are settling for.


If you want some help from me on this issue click 'Accept' and send a reply with your answers to the questions above.



Mark Manley

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