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i had been on a relationship with a younger man at age 36 for

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i had been on a relationship with a younger man at age 36 for a year i have two boys who are teens . i have bipolar i recently taking a new medication its helping me i told my boyfriend about my condition he told me he knows about bipolar when i get upset i go on and tell him how i feel he does not want to hear me and sometimes i can go on and on this is part of my problem he gets upset he wants to talk to me but he gives easily no patience with me and ten days from today saturday he took his things and left to his home and did not say anything or call this had happened before several times left me and not call for a week or more i made the effort to call him and explain my condition remind him and apoligize all the time he never call me to work things out until today i told myself i will not call anymore until he calls me and i will know if he still loves me what should i do for this relationship to work?
Right now he is dealing with your bipolar and some times in a relationship you feel helpless to help someone you love. You try talking to him about your feelings which is good because you should never hold in how you feel. You should always express yourself. But I think he doesn't want to hear how you feel and he gets upset because he doesn't know how to fix the problem and he is hurt because you are hurt. Some times people get angry and run away from t he problem because they don't know how to handle the one they love being hurt. So instead of trying to solve the problem they get angry because they don't know how to express their emotions. He walked away because he was overwhelmed. But he needs to listen to how you feel in order to solve these problems. You both love each other and you both need to sit down and talk. But this time I want him to express how he feels because right now I feel he is not expressing how he feels at all. He is just running from the problems. He has said he knows about bipolar. But he needs to talk about how he feels. Then you can explain how you feel. This can be worked out. Ask him to face these problems in the relationship, don't run.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Wwell, should i call him or wait until he calls or shows up. I feel that im the only one that makes the effort to make this relationship work due to my condition (bipolar). I have a feeling that he has given up this relationship and i dont want him to give up. It has been almost 2 weeks. Should i call him or not.

I would call him and talk things out. I think you should set up a place to meet to talk things out. I don't think he is giving up, he is thinking things out. He is sorting out his feelings. You both have to discuss everything that is going on solve the problems and work on repairing the relationship. You both love each other, you can get through this together. Do not wait to call. Call him.