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I am 24 years old and my boyfriend is 20. we met when he was

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I am 24 years old and my boyfriend is 20. we met when he was 18 and I was 22 both at the start of our first year in University, in the first year it took me along time to feel comfortable and secure about this age gap and I didn't think it would last however he was very mature about things and we grew very close and the age gap didn't matter we have had a good relationship and both have strong feelings for one another, we are also very compatible together. a few months ago we got a shared house while in our final year at university. something i always excepted as inevitable happened and we split up it was mutual, nothing specific happened apart from he was becoming distant, getting drunk, being with the boys and x box but i felt he needed that. living together we still cooked together and were fine with each other, things are different now and we began spending time together as a couple again, going to the cinema and feelings that have always been there are back. we discussed getting back together talking through issues from before, next year we are planning to get a place of our own together while he does his masters and i go to work. his parents and my parents are happy about this and i know i should be but i have my concerns. we are both at an age where it should be more acceptable now and he is older, we have both worked hard at our relationship to get here, i know he loves me and I do him but both of us is scared. he says we should give it a shot so we don't look back with regrets. I just don't know what to do for the best as this is something that could make us happy but part of me just wants to run.

Don't do anything in a relationship out of obligation, pride, expectations of others, or fear. If you are moving into together you should both be fairly sure that that is what you want. You don't try living together. You do it as making the next step in the relationship - not to see if it works out. You want to go in thinking this is really going to work; I want to be around him all the time; we are great together. If you can't go into it with confidence then don't do it. It sounds like both of you have doubts. I would think about this some more. Discuss it with him first and see if he has uncertainties and how strong they are. You may be comfortable with each other - but are you in love. That is your answer.




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