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Dear Debra
Dear Debra, Advice Columnist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I have been an Advice columnist for 14 years. My column is published weekly in local newpapers.
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I have a very complex relationship with a single mom. Im

Customer Question

I have a very complex relationship with a single mom. I'm crazy about her but wayyy to shy to tell her. I'm sure she has to know by my actions that I really like her. How do I know if she feels the same way?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 6 years ago.
You said you are crazy about her, but you are way to shy to tell her. But you feel that she must know by your acts. Do not assume she knows by your actions, you said you are way to shy to tell her how you feel. Some times people have no idea you have feelings for them unless you tell them. What is stopping you from telling her how you feel? Tell her take that risk. You wouldn't want to have regrets from not telling her and she really has no idea how you feel. There are ways to tell if she likes you, but if she is shy it would be very hard for you to figure out. You are asking me how do I know if she feels the same way? She might feel the same way about you asking herself if you like her. People all act differently when they like someone. There are very distinctive gestures some times that you can see if someone likes you. The eyes of a person tell a lot when someone likes you. But you have to watch for it. She is also a single mom and might be very cautious about being in a relationship. So it might be a little harder to read her emotions because she might be afraid to put her heart out there. You need to think about some of the signs that have let you know she likes you. But I think if you are crazy about her, you should tell her how you feel. I wouldn't wait, you don't want to miss the perfect opportunity for you both to be together and start a life together. I am here if you have anymore questions.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She has recently invited me to her sons baseball game, to spend a day trip at the park with her and her son on spring break (we did that yesterday) I've noticed sometimes when she talkes to me she looks down and sometimes her eyes are really glossy. She always stands close to me but its always like 2" away from actually making contact with me or brushing agaist me. I'm thinking of telling her as soon as we have another alone dinner how I feel. I got to thinking last night that she may be really cautious because her sons dad she was in and out of a relationship with for about 10 years, that was 3 years ago and as far as i know has been away he has no contact with her son from what she has told me.
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 6 years ago.
She has invited you to her son's baseball game, to spend a day at the park on spring break. You said she looks down some times when she talks and her eyes are glossy. She likes you. The glossy eyes and that shyness are key signs. She stand close to you also. You need to tell her how you feel, I think she would be thinking the same thing as you, if you have feelings for her., She might be taking things slow and getting to know you better. She has had a relationship that didn't work for 10 years, so you might see her being cautious about opening up her heart. BUt she has feelings for you from what you have described. I would tell her over dinner that you love spending time with her and her son. Then tell her your feelings for her. She might be nervous, so just reassure her that if she is worried, you both can take things slow. But tell her how you feel.

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