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psychlady, Counselor
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I have had some trying times with my ex. We were together for

Customer Question

I have had some trying times with my ex. We were together for 7 years, engaged and broke up and she just had my baby 5 months ago. Of course I cheated on her and of course I blamed her and was a total *** to her. But she broke my heart

Anyway my business has started to do really well and hers not so much! Everyone has told me that she is a total gold digger which really is not the truth, she actaully has money but her parents cut her off etc.

Well she filed child support against me which I thought she would never do, but then dropped the case against me? Then as of recent, my family celebrated our cultural New Year and my parents as part of tradition gave her a 100 dollar bill.

Well she knows their situation, they are not working and dont have much money etc. She gave the money back without telling anyone. She left the 100 dollar bill in my glove box and waited until she was gone to tell me she had done so.

I know that she needs the money to raise or son. I know that she herself is on hard times.
I cheated on this girl, blamed her, treated her like S*** yet she still dropped the case against me and gave the my parents money back.

Am I missing something here? Why would she give the money back and why drop the Child support case against me.
I mean this girl has given up her spoils for nothing to have our son and she could use 100 dollars.
Its not a pride thing at all, like she is too good for money.
Im confused!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
There are many possibilities. One is that she regards your history together as special and from a good place in her heart wanted your parents to have the money because you are no longer together. Another is that pride stepped in and she felt not being together to not keep the money. Another is that she didn't feel part of that tradition now and gave it back. Regardless don't read too much into this so that you get your feelings hurt again. She may have dropped the suit because you take good care of your son. Or because she didn't want to be obligated in this way. Instead of imagining ask her about her feelings and make sure you are not mistaken about her intentions. This will be important in coming months in parenting your child. There is nothing wrong with parents who are nice to each other.