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AgapeDoc, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Dr. W. D. Nicholas is a relationship expert & can help families or organizations become more effective.
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Im dating an adult webcam model, am I crazy or what how can

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I'm dating an adult webcam model, am I too insecure, not trusting enough (is the problem me? ) or what? How can I tell if it's me, or a customer she's pursuing ?

She's a foreign model, so there are cultural differences, we talk during her "work" and out of it, and my patronage has not increased, rather it has decreased.

AgapeDoc : You're not crazy..... but if you were first a customer, there is reason for concern. Emotions can be very tricky and even deceiving. I would look elsewhere or at least proceed with extreme caution. I wish you mug happiness either way.

I am happy to receive your answer, thank you for the response. If I wasn't her customer, meeting online at her 'work', then I would have not had met her. I have spend less money, and invest more time with her. Changes in my behavior are that I only go to the site when she is on and see her, as well as text message (free for me), skype, or call her. Changes in her behavior are changing the format of her shows (since we started talking), talking with me daily outside her work, no longer brings up patronage (for things out of work, that they usually get tipped for), and she will start working part-time at the end of the month. We have been chatting for 6 months.


So far, her background story has checked out, and she does not ask for funding outside of work or is opposed to meeting after she has settled and left her current work. I understand the value of your time, and do not intend to engage you at length without compensation for additional advice. After reviewing my question and your answer, I feel I did not provide enough information for a detailed response.


Given the nature of her work, are these chnges in her behavior significant indicators to believe she is interested in me, not my wallet? How else can I tell ? Is the premise to my questions jealousy, since we have become more involved, or are there things I can ask or do to gain better perspective ?

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