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HiI have been with my girlfriend about 14 months, we

Resolved Question:

Hi I have been with my girlfriend about 14 months, we got engaged at christmas. She lives in a little place called Bakewell in Derbyshire and works at a opticians part time. She walks past a newsagents on her way to work infact its about 20 yards away from her work. About 5 months ago i got a text message saying she had walked past the newsaagent and the man who worked there who is simulair age approached her and asked her out. She said she was with someone and he said oh i did not know. Then a couple of months ago she was walking past his shop door again, he shouted morning Princess how are you? she smiled and he said you make my heart melt when you smile. He always says hello when he sees her, and today she texted me and said he had bumped into her outside work and asked what she was upto this afternoon, she said she was going to get a present for her mother for mothers day so he said i will come with you. She said i could not get the present fast enough which says to me she was not comfortable. She is wearing a engagement ring she has told him she is with someone, and to me his intentions are just saying one thing. I trust her 100% and she is to me totally loyal, but she is very very freindly she is just one of those people who talks to anyone and sees the best in everyone. Never has a bad word for anyone and will help anyone, she is a very loving nice person, very honest do i do anything or let it go and let her sort it out. She is just a freindly person who does not know how to say no and does not like hurting people however i know if he asked for a number or a address or do you want to go out it would be a no.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

You don't have to do anything except support the relationship. She has to resolve this on her own. Nothing will happen that she doesn't want to happen. Don't make this bigger than it is. Eventually she will tell him she isn't interested. She probably is trying to take the "nice" road, but eventually she will have enough. If she told you about it then she obviously is not interested. Let her resolve this. Anyone even nice people get fed up. Allow her to do this. She will be fine. If he crosses the line, then make a decision as a couple. Right now he is just talking.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thank you that was very helpful


Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
It was great helping you

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