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I have a very close committed relationship with my girl friend

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I have a very close committed relationship with my girl friend for over a year. She was seperated from her husband for over a year and has had her divorce recently completed. Thankfully the divorce was very civil and lacked major issues / conflict. My girlfriend has a 4 year old son that has also adjusted well to spending time / living with each parent seperately. To date we have kept our relationship from her son as we felt he had enough change to deal with.

Do you have any advice on how or when we should introduce our relationship with her son
Good for you for keeping his life simplified as much as you have been able to. Hold off as long as you can in a practical way. There have been a lot of adjustments to make and there will be more. It sounds like your current relationship was on the heels of her previous relationship. Give your relationship more time to develop and keep her son out of it until it's just not practical anymore.
Regarding how to introduce your relationship:
This is mommy's friend _________
Brief interactions at first
Doing things he likes to do i.e. going to the park, playing with his toys, etc.
Gradually letting him understand the nature of your relationship
i.e. no physical display of affection etc.
Let him have an opportunity to become your friend too so he does not feel he is competition with you.
Mom lets him know she is very happy with you and him over time.
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