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Mark Manley
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i feel so hurt about the way my 4 month relationship was ended

Resolved Question:

i feel so hurt about the way my 4 month relationship was ended by him over a text message,i text him back asking for him to come and talk to me as he wasnt answering any of my calls. he said he thinks im not over my ex as i mentioned him often. however he would mention that if hes ex fiance would move down here he would leave me for her but then later say she would never move so it wouldnt happen. he said he got on better now with his ex wife than when they were dating. do you think it is a good reason to leave me , we had great times together and he was always with me , we had lots of fun together.
i tried to get him to talk about this and it would of been easy to work out together rather than just dumping me. he avoids all calls etc and doesnt want anything to do with me i feel there must be another reason like maybe he has met someone else as he wanted to have some time by himself, he has recently found out his diabeties was really b ad and i have been helping him with the specialists and food dietiacians, i cooked for him nearly every night the correct food for his needs.when i first met him he stopped seeing me for a week as his ex fiance was calling him all the time and he didnt want to bring baggage into our relationship so he took time out to work out what the wanted to do, he ended up staying with me but she would call him and he said he never answered her as it would give her hope, i feel this is now what he is doing to me, i have not contacted him for 2 days and it is so hard, do you think it is a good reason for him to leave me or do you think there could be another reason? i miss him so much
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Mark Manley replied 6 years ago.
of course you are hurting and you want the pain to stop that's normal. The more you chase him the more he runs away from you. You have stopped chasing him and that is good (but feels terrible). You are doing the right thing, now you will see if he is going to come back. If he doesn't come back you can look for some one else. If he does come back, try to ease back into the relationship a little slower. I know you want to make this work but his part is out of your control. Some good questions to ask your self and to think about are 'Who am I when I don't have a boyfriend?' Am I OK when I am on my own? If not how can I learn to be OK on my own? Fill the time you once put into this relationship with other constructive activities i.e. service, hobbies, friends etc.
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