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Why When involved with another man or woman do you have more

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Why? When involved with another man or woman do you have more passionate sex?
There are several possibilities. One could be that mentally you are able to let yourself go and really allow yourself enjoyment on a purely physical level. One less desirable reason could be that you are giving 100% of yourself (sexually at least) in order to please your partner in light of the fact that you are cheating. Another is that you on some subconscious level trying to enjoy the comfortability in both relationships. I guess in the end you may be the best person to ask. Because the answer could be as varied as those responding. Just be sure that the increase in pleasure is not achieved out of guilt
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
married 30 years...going to therapy. I feel it might be to late to save our marriage considering where my head is. I have wanted this for almost 20 years and now it makes me not like my husband when he makes over me. I don't have any sexual desire towards him at all. I don't want to hurt him and I don't know if he could take the pain of us being apart. He has said he couldn't bare to live in the same town. Finacially it would be very hard to even start this process. Do I continue to live the duration of my life confused and unhappy
Absolutely not. One thing I want you to consider is that the libido changes and the comfortability of the relationship can cause women to feel less sexual. This doesn't mean this is your situation. I am just mentioning it to consider. You should whatever method and whatever decision to be a happy person. You don't deserve to be confused or unhappy at any point in your life. If you have no sexual desire and you have decided it is relevant to your husband then you should find a relationship that you find exciting, positive and romantic. No one should remain in any relationship out of obligation. Everyone deserves this happiness. Make your decisions based on when, how and what will make you happy
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