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When you fall for someone i know it isnt always meant to be

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<p>When you fall for someone i know it isnt always meant to be but is a person name too much to expect a persons worth when they say hello to you? My first love ripped my heart out before i could even tell her when i tried to tell her because she doesnt seem to know what it is to be warmer then a barbwire fence! Its not easy to go up to a wild female when your a shy person at your work place and tell here she's your first love. Im not sure what to do about my first love.</p><p>The only possible way for me to reach out to her is through text.This did happen quite a while ago so im over having my heart ripped out although still hurts me when i think about it.</p><p>Having my heart ripped out by first love when i tried to tell her i could say that i think she is a ice queen and has earnt herself a  black rose as a ice queen but i think it was a accident it wasnt her intention to do that to me but the damage was done.</p><p> </p><p> </p>
It probably isn't a good idea to tell someone they are your true love until you at least think they in a receptive place. You may do more harm by approaching this prematurely and then getting your feelings hurt again. Try to build on that discussion by starting off in a safer place like talking about your relationship now. There's nothing wrong with texting it helps to alleviate your concerns. Face to face is better but if you think you must solve his through text then do it
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

My first love did meet someone she really liked and seems happy with and i know we will never be anything more then friends .I always thought the first person you fell for was special because they were the one that was supposed to teach you love means something.Am i wrong to think this?


Absolutely not. We all have special feelings about our love place. It's like it is always in the back of your mind somewhere. Try friendship and see if you can regain some positive feelings as she will always be your first love. She may turn out to be a special friend
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So first love is worthless like all the other times you may fall for someone?
First love is never worthless and neither is love later. First love teaches you many things. It teaches you about communication, fidelity, trust, communication etc. You learn the most from this because you have no experience to draw from. Loves after that give you experiences that add onto or additional skills after this. Every relationship teaches you something bad and good. You will find another experience and it will play a part in your evolving you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
First love just seems to be about pain what it is to be hurt.Everytime i see a blonde i am constantly reminded of my first love and what she did to me
I agree that it can be quite painful too. Especially if the hurt has been relatively recent. Eventually you will learn to minimize the pain and move past it. That is not right now. The old saying really is true - time heals all wounds. Allow yourself to move on but for now you have to work through it. It will eventually resolve itself and you find the ability to experience a new relationship
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This saying time heal all wounds doesnt work for all of us only another female could ever undo what she did to me.
You can have another relationship and take what you learned from this. But don't do it to rebound or fill a void. I am confidant that most people can find a way to heal especially as you move away from the pain and into a healthy relationship
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