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me and my ex have a daughter together,i have always and still

Resolved Question:

me and my ex have a daughter together,i have always and still am in love with her.But she ended the relationship im still messed up from the realtionship.she seems to be fine to me when i look at her with the break up.But i tried to ask her just to drop my aughter and go home but she still stays until its time for her to take my daughter home.i asked her why are you waiting aroun you could go home and relax.I ask her why do you wanna stay she its just because i want doesnt help me cause she acts as if we are friends and in my mind is did you forget you left me after a 5 year relationship,goes to the store with me,goes on errands with me<it shouldnt be like this because its making me think we still have something.She says negative things ,then positive things,brings up old memories what do i do?what is she doing?i dont understand.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 6 years ago.
She seems torn in the relationship and could be thinking that you both should be together. She sounds like she doesn't want to end the relationship or maybe has regrets about the relationship being ended. You have a daughter together and maybe she wants you and her to be a family. This relationships sounds like you are still both together doing everyday normal things, but she is not talking about how both of you should be together. Maybe she is scared to say that she wants to get back together. If you are both willing to work this relationship out. It's open lines of communication, understanding each other. Some times in relationships, people get confused by what they want and usually it's because they are overwhelmed by the strong feelings they have for someone. They get scared and instead of staying some times it cause people to back of, or run from the relationship. She brings up memories of both of you, trying to tell you about all the good times you shared. She is remembering what things were like and she wishes she could go back to that time when you both were together. She is dropping signs, but she hasn't come right out and said how she feels. Maybe she needs to be reassured that if you want to, you are willing to work things out to give it another try. You could both find that special connection you both have for each other.
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