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Why would a cute, successful guy fly across the country to

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Why would a cute, successful guy fly across the country to see a girl who he has only met once? I met him, C., in NYC, where I live, and he lives in the Midwest. I am from the Midwest and hope to someday move back there to settle down. C. and I have similar careers and interests and the conversation flowed easily. He said he thinks I am beautiful. I told him I am dating someone (I have been trying to figure out for some time if I want to stay with this person, J., or not, which I realize is another issue entirely that needs to be dealt with), so when C. asked for my number, I agreed to stay in contact but thinking as friends. He has contacted me quite a bit since then. He said he wants to come to NYC to take me to dinner and I said I'd love to see him if he is here but that I'd want to keep it casual, as a friend thing. He used to live here so he has friends he can also stay with, hang out with while he is here. He has still stayed in contact with me since I said I would want to keep dinner a friend thing and is he trying to find a time to come out here.

So, do you think he thinks I will cheat on my bf (which I wont do) and only wants sex?
Do you think he may actually like me and try to convince me that I should be with him?
Surely he isnt flying out here just to be my friend, ha!
What do you think?


I agree. This is strange but maybe he is a nice guy who has friends there and combine a date with a trip. Since he is connected with people there he has an extra incentive to meet up. It's not like he is staying in a hotel and will fall flat on his face if it doesn't work out. He always has the visit with friends. Or he may want sex (although that's an awful long way for sex. Or to assume that he will get you to leave your boyfriend.


I think he may be interested in you sexually but he can see his friends and have a date with you. That doesn't mean he expects you to have sex on that occasion but I agree that that is too far to be just friends. See where the date goes and if he does try to convince you to more than friends then you can decide at the time. If you truly are uncomfortable you have the choice to not go because you are not interested in a dating situation. Make sure he understands the conditions that you will meet under

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