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my gf and i have been in relationship for 5 years.long distance

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my gf and i have been in relationship for 5 years.long distance but we met twice every month. we both are each others first love, we both are foreign students from different countries. she went to her country for last christmas and met a guy 24 years older than her. (she is 3 years older than me.) she likes this new guy and chats with him. she broke up with me due to that. she is coming to visit me for my birthday today. how can i win her back? please help. i am really heart broken and in lot of pain.Please help me!
I feel like I don't want to disappoint you but there are limits on how you can resolve this and 50% of it is with her and her decisions. You don't know that they are going be together forever though and she could completely get over him. When she comes for your birthday, lay all of your cards on the table as if it's your last chance. This is your time to let her know everything - fears, insecurities, and desires. If she is that into this guy, she is coming to your birthday. That doesn't sound like 100% towards other guy. Try to be optimistic and find a quiet time to say your piece. It's never too late
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your answer, but I need to ask more. She told me before she would never want to lose me. she said I am like a family member to her, but its just that she really likes this other guy. I would like to know how I can get her interested and attracted to me. I am planning to take her to amusement center for a fun day. I am scared if I tell her I really like her, she might take me as a person she can come back to anytime, and wont be attracted to me as before. If the chances are 50% with her and 50 with me. how can I do my 50% to the fullest?
You can't make someone attracted to you but you can show her that you are fun and enjoyable to be around. Go ahead and tell her how you feel. It's the best way to see if it can work and it gets you out of the friend zone. Try to express your interest during you day and she can make an informed decision. Nothing has been gained by keeping them to oneself.
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