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im married and things werent going to well we didnt relly do

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im married and things werent going to well we didnt relly do much together anymore hardly talked about the things we used to i met a man who isnt married and started talking to him for about a year and we have slept together i also said that i was wanting to leave my husband and i told my husband that and know my husband wants to fix things hes doing alot of stuff now that i love and i told the other guy about this which me and him have been having issues too i dont like him as a person anymore cause of the way hes talked to me and said some horrible things well after i told him my husband is trying to fix things the bf said that he was sorry and lets work things out that he really loves me and wants me to be with him im tryong to work things out but i feel that i really dont want to and when i said that he got real angry and threw things i want to end it with my bf so that me and my husband can things back together cause thats what my heart is wanting but the bf dont get that cause i told him the reason i was thinking about leaving how do i get the bf to understand that i wanna fix my marriage and that im not fealing us anymore
First find help for you and your husband so that you give your marriage the best shot possible. As far as the boyfriend, you need to stop behaving like you owe him an explanation. You don't. Stay as far away as possible and let him get it by your absence. He sounds like he is resistant to anything you are going to say so avoid him by whatever means possible. Your focus needs to be on your marriage. You have offered boyfriend insight and he doesn't want it. Cut all ties and let him do what he wants. Eventually he will get it and he will find someone else. Throwing things is uncalled for and he probably won't handle it any better regardless of what you say. Let it go
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