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Hi , Well I really wanna advice for my case .. I read many

Resolved Question:

Hi , Well I really wanna advice for my case .. I read many articles but I need a direct solution for my problem ..
ok I will begin , In late 2009 I so a girl in the college , she didnt knew me , she wasnt in any of my classes . She was a friend of one of the girls in our dorm . I searched for her in facebook and I found her , she added me directly although she didnt knew me well that time . we went in dinner one time with her roommate .. things went not the way I want .. after that I got her number and I started texting her , and what I recognized was that she respond so fast to my messages , I asked her maybe twice to have dinner she said she was busy with studying . the last conversation was when I asked her to have dinner because I wanted to say to her that I love her .. she didnt know that Im gonna tell her but she said maybe next time .. then I asked her do you care if someone love her .. and she said yes .. after that I didnt text her and when she sees me she dont look at me and she dont say hi like before , but she is still on my friend in facebook , I discovered later that she is shy also ?? I made many mistakes but now I really miss her and I dont know how to solve this problem ?? I didnt talk with her since May 2010 ..
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
If you have voiced your feelings and she has not responded in a positive or direct way, you may have to accept the fact that she doesn't feel the same. Once the feelings are out ont he table, you may have to look at the possibility of moving on. If she was interested she probably would have said something. I would send one more message and put it all out on the table. If you don't get a response,move on. Be clear in your text so she can be clear too. Set yourself a limit in order to move on , maybe one week or a couple days. After that, find someone who is receptive. You don't' want to waste anymore time on something that might not be working. You deserve a relationship that is mutual.
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