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mand my fiance got into a big fight lst week about his parents

Customer Question

mand my fiance got into a big fight lst week about his parents and he left saying he didnt know if he wanted to be wth me anymore. weli had 2 of my old highschool guy friends come over cousei needed someone to talk to. i didnt tell my fiance about it though andi know i should have. wellneof the old friends ended up getting to me when i was vulnerable and i saidsom things about physically and sexually being with him because i didnt know if my fiance was coming back. idint act on anything and othing happened. he found out today about evething and cme clean and told him the truth. He left and said he only thinks of my as the mother to hs chidren now. i lovehim more than anything and dont wan our family to break u, what should i do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
Communication is the only way to resolve this, but he may not be ready to hear you yet. He may need some time to calm down and think about the relationship. He knows that you care so keep in mind that you have a history which is a positive. Give him a week or so and then try talking to him about this. Find this and other compromises that will make him feel better about getting back together such as having men over, taking off Facebook, etc. When he's ready to listen he will be ready for resolving this. don't stress that you thought the relationship was over because then it sounds like something happened. Be open to establishing healthy boundaries and work with him on these